There's No Such Thing as a Universal Trump Card

I've gone back and forth about writing something here about Donald Trump for months. It's off topic. I don't have anything to say that hasn't been said elsewhere. I don't hear a broad audience clamoring for my opinion. Still, I think I should be on the record:

Donald Trump has exposed himself as completely unfit for any government position beyond mail carrier more times than I can count.

Hillary Clinton is enormously qualified, competent, and absolutely the better choice for President.

I don't know why the tide has turned after his comments with Billy Bush. On the one hand, BARF, on the other, how is this any worse than anything else he's said?

I follow politics mainly because I think it's important, not because it's interesting. Anything that claims to be a debate is dreadfully dull. When the participants aren't talking over each other, their talking points are obvious and not insightful.

But nobody actually wants to debate ideas. They want to win. They want to destroy, crush, decimate and pwn the other side. They want to slap their opponent with a zinger so witty, so irrefutable, it leaves them speechless.

This never happens. Facts don't matter, I'm told. We each have our own, fresh from our personal echo chamber. I can cite studies and figures to show you why you're wrong, but you'll retort with your own statistics that prove me wrong. (Supposedly.)

Albert Einstein tells us that there is no universal reference frame. There is no completely

Credit: @IamHappyToast

objective position where you can look down on everything else. As you accelerate relative to me, mass increases, length contracts, and time slows down.

We can disagree about things that should be fundamental to our understanding of the Universe- and yet we're both right.[ref]But if you don't think man made climate change is a problem, you're wronger than the wrongest mistake that was ever incorrect.[/ref][ref]Among other things.[/ref]

I'd like to see everybody have more productive conversations about political issues. Instead of trying to prove each other wrong, we should figure out where we're both right. We'll never get anywhere if we're just arguing about what time it is.

This means everybody needs to swallow their pride. That's especially tough when Donald Trump lies through his teeth and makes proposals that play fast and loose with the Constitution. I understand the urge to criticize and call him names, but is that going to change anyone's mind?

Then again, I also believe it is important to call Trump's statements what they are: Racism. Bigotry. Prejudice. Sexism.


I think many of the people who support Donald Trump have legitimate grievances that should be addressed. The economic shifts in the manufacturing sectors of the midwest and mining industry in places like West Virginia have made life miserable for many people. This is a starting point. This is something we can agree on.

I'd see this as another example of systemic income inequality, rather than blaming free trade or immigrants, but that's a question for a debate.

One of the biggest problems with the Trump campaign is the way he traffics in conspiracy theories- birtherism, Benghazi, etc. By design, they are unfalsifiable. And what's worse, there's usually a kernel of truth buried down there somewhere. It's not hard to string together a group of actual, verifiable facts and claim they prove something when they don't.

The Republican Party will have a lot to answer for when this is all over.[ref]And it's not over until Donald gives a concession speech.[/ref] Why were so many scandals able to be brushed off when the Trump Tapes weren't? To those who have denounced him, thanks. Better late than never.

If you'd like to talk about politics with me, I'd be happy to. But first, you'll have to answer this question: What is the speed of light in a vacuum?