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Bone Hunters:

A young paleontologist must cooperate with a creationist and a condescending university professor to protect the love of her life, a pristine dryptosaurus skeleton, from greedy land owners building a golf course where it's buried. 2018 Die Laughing Screenplay Contest Finalist

Excerpt: Interview With Orson

Our Heroine, Phoebe Clacher, wants to get into grad school– but first she has to impress Professor Orson Regolith, PhD.

Excerpt: The Temple of Madam Postholer

Phoebe and her sister Tara try to return a casserole dish to eccentric archivist Madam Postholer, who has... unique ideas about home security.

Excerpt: Examining The Deed

After an exciting discovery on her land, Mrs. McShag enlists Phoebe and fellow paleontologist Micah to look over her deed. Meanwhile, her husband, a professional golfer, practices his swing.

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A spaghetti western set in modern-day Afghanistan. 2013 Garden State Screenplay Competition Finalist.

Excerpt: IED 

An American convoy is attacked by Taliban fighters. While looking for the gunmen in a nearby village, the U.S. soldiers get help from Baraz, the chief of police.

Excerpt: Traitor in the Midst

The United States is offering a $10,000 bounty for Taliban Commander Abdullah Rashid, and Baraz goes to his mountain hideout with a dire warning. Little does Abdullah know that Baraz would like to collect the bounty for himself...