3- 2- 1... Cue Andrew!

Hi everybody! Welcome to andrew-sherwood.com! We're live now! Navigating around should be self-explanatory. Check out the FAQ page to have all of your questions answered, and a few you didn't know you wanted to ask. Also don't miss the Media page, where you can see trailers and clips from some of my work.

If you see the About section, you'll learn about my interest in the work of David Bordwell. I will occasionally post entries like There's a Demon at the End of this Blog Post, about movies in general and how they work, but I'm not planning to turn this place into a bastion of Academia. If you're interested in things like that (as I am), please, let me know, I'm happy to write more.

If you like what you see, leave a comment or send me an email (andrew.sherwood200@gmail.com). If you're peddling home mortgages or male enhancement products, please keep them to yourself. No one's interested.

As always, further bulletins as events warrant...

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