Now Approaching Planet Hong Kong

David Bordwell has just released a revised version of his book Planet Hong Kong, and you can download a PDF copy (for only $15) here. This is one of DB's books that I haven't read, so I can't say much about it, beyond that I'm looking forward to reading it myself. Bordwell has been interested in films from Hong Kong for a long time, and accompanying the release of this revised edition of PHK, he's made a list of a few favorites. Again, most of these I've never even heard of, much less seen.

However, I was able to see Police Story last fall, after reading this entry comparing its fight sequences to those of Tomorrow Never Dies. DB says this is "possibly Jackie Chan's directorial masterpiece," and I have to say, the stunts, choreography, and the way everything is filmed are nothing short of spectacular. If you don't mind subtitles (and you shouldn't), I highly recommend it. Besides, they don't have any during the fight sequences.