Quite Possibly the Nerdiest Thing Ever Found on Teh Interwebs

Do you like old TV shows? Are you a Trekkie?[ref] For the record, I am not. Never even been to a convention. [/ref] Then you have to check this out. It's an early treatment (or "leave-behind") written by Gene Roddenberry himself, for the original Star Trek series. Emphasis on early. The Captain is Robert April, not James Kirk (or even Christopher Pike), Spock has red skin and is described as "Satanic." Oh, and the ship is the Yorktown, not the Enterprise.[ref] Fun fact: Both were WWII aircraft carriers (Roddenberry was a bomber pilot in the Pacific). The Yorktown was sunk at Midway. The Enterprise survived that battle and many more throughout the rest of the war. [/ref]

I haven't finished looking through all of it, but it's interesting to see what parts of the show are there and what would change after this was written. Check it out.

Via John August