Battlestar Galactica on the Piano!

Bear McCreary, composer for Battlestar Galactica, is releasing a book full of pieces from the show, all arranged for solo piano. Except for Kara Remembers, which is for four hands, and is one of the best songs on the already awesome Season 4 soundtrack. This obviously means more to someone who loves the show and Bear's work, like me. Other highlights include Dreilide Thrace Sonata No. 1, Roslin and Adama, Wander My Friends, Prelude to War,  and various iterations of the Opera House Passacaglia like The Shape of Things to Come and Violence and Variations. Also, for some reason, there's Battlestar Muzaktica, which I believe played over a scene with Baltar in the bathroom.

Bear notes that a lot of sheet music releases like this are made without the composer's involvement. Fortunately, he's a perfectionist and wanted to do it himself.

I think I reached the pinnacle of my ability when I was taking piano lessons back in high school. I haven't played seriously in years. Even so, I think I might pick up a copy- might be an excuse to start practicing again...

The book ships on February 9th, and can be pre-ordered on