Writing The Western Update V: Good News, Bad News and Chekhov’s Gun

First the good news: I got through another scene today. That's two days of writing in a row![ref] WOOT.[/ref] And the bad news: I wanted to do another one, and felt like I was on a roll, but then my "responsibilities" started demanding my attention, so I wasn't able to get to it.

The scene today was simple: Advance the plot a little, hit a recurring gag once again, and let the characters have a couple of beats to themselves.

A gun was introduced- because guns always make things more interesting- but it's not a Chekhov's Gun. That would be an object or character that seems unimportant now, but is vital later. In this case though, we already know the gun is important. And it's going to be fired in the next scene. But at whom???[ref]I'm looking at you, Cinemetropolis Police Department. You gonna try and stop me?[/ref]

I'm excited to write the next scene. I'll get to put some of my ideas about suspense into actual practice. I'm sure you're all breathless with anticipation.

See you tomorrow then.